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Santa at Hanazono 2021

Christmas at Hanazono

Come to Hanazono to meet our Santa or take photos with the snowmen and other objects de snow!

Snow Chair

Get a perfect Christmas shot on our snow chair.
Lucky ones may be able to take selfies with the Santa sitting on the famous Hanazono snow chair when he comes around on 24 - 25!

Take photos, and then ring the Hanazono Bell to bring happiness to your White Christmas!

Dates:December 20 - December 25, 2021
Venue:Hanazono Bell

*Snow chair making depends on the snow condition


Meet Santa at Hanazono

Santa appears in many spots in the resort!

He pops up at Snow chair, Restaurant Hanazono EDGE, Resort Center Hanazono 308 and many other places randomly.
If you are lucky, you can even see him riding on the slopes!

Be the super lucky one to ride on the new Hana 1 Lift or Symphony Gondola with him!

Dates:December 24 - December 25, 2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Venue:Random places inside Hanazono Resort

Play with Santa

Book either of below activities and play with Santa!

Dates:December 24 - December 25, 2021
Venue:Book at Activity counter in Hanazono 308