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Tips for enjoying Hanazono Green Season

Welcome to Hanazono in green season

Green Hanazono - where nature inspires

The land of Niseko has been shaped by volcanoes, snow and water over many years. Known worldwide for its heavy snowfall, the area transforms from spring to fall into a paradise of greenery and life, where the life force of northern flora and fauna flourishes in abundance.

Niseko, Hokkaido, began its journey as a mountain resort in the 1960s, and in the 2000s, it became famous throughout the world. However, not many people know the charms of Niseko from spring to autumn yet.

In the strong hope that everyone can experience Niseko's seasonal enchantments, Niseko Hanazono Resort has been developing a major new attraction that will bring a new dimension to the green season thought years .

The new attractions include "Hanazono Zip Flight," Asia's longest class mega-zipline, outdoor activities to get close to the forest and clean water, and "Mountain Lights," a vast light art installation created by renowned artist Bruce Munro, which will inspire and open your senses. We offer a variety of experiences that will inspire you and release your five senses.

We hope this page will give you some tips to make your stay at Hanazono even more memorable and unforgettable.


The total run distance of the Zip Tour is 2,591 meters, one of the longest in Asia, and the longest zipline in Japan "Mach 3" is 1,700 meters long, making it the longest zipline in Japan. With a maximum speed of over 110 km/h, this zipline is one of the most thrilling "flying experiences" in the world!

The two ziplines are strung side by side, so you can experience it together with your friends and family. Experience Hokkaido's landmark Mt. Yotei and spectacular views as far as the eye can see from the sky.

Reservations for 2023 are scheduled to begin in March. We will send reservation information to our newsletter subscribers as soon as possible.


An immersive large-scale light art installation set in a vast natural setting! The installation is created by Bruce Munroe, a world-renowned installation artist.

Visitors can enjoy the art from two perspectives: from the top by riding the gondola, and from the bottom by following the light walkway along the gentle slope of the artwork. The gondola cabins floating in the night sky are also illuminated, and when coupled with the light art on the ground, you will feel as if you are lost and standing in a beautiful otherworldly world.

Enjoy the photogenic illuminated artwork that stretches 1.3km!

Emancipate in Forest and Water

Feel with all your senses in the Niseko forests and clear waters, in the resort, out of the resort, on the river, in the mountains or in the ocean!

Tree Trekking

A total of five tree trekking courses that allow you to play with your head and body to the fullest high above the tree line in the vast forest.


This is the most popular summer activity in Niseko, where you board a rubber boat with your friends and family and float down the Shiribetsu River, one of the clearest rivers in Japan, with a splash and a cheer.

Stay at Hanazono

Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono

In January 2020, Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono Hotel & Residence opened its doors to the world, making Hanazono the hottest area in Niseko.The contemporary design, art, and gastronomy in harmony with the natural landscape produce the ultimate luxury mountain resort experience.

Different types of accommodation

Whether you are looking for a wide range of condominiums, including apartments and houses, a modern and relaxed casual hotel, or a budget hotel with a uniquely Japanese pod-style, there are plenty of places to stay near Hanazono. Choose the right one that fits your style of travel and your budget. You can find all types of accommodation in Niseko.

Let's go to Hanazono!

Hanazono is a three-hour drive from New Chitose Airport, the gateway to the sky in Hokkaido, and a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Sapporo city center.

Why do people from all over the world come to this place that is not blessed with convenient transportation? It is because it is an attraction that people want to visit, no matter how far away it is.

However, the current transportation situation will change dramatically in the future. The extension of the expressway and the Hokkaido Shinkansen is underway, with the expressway scheduled to open in 2025 and the Shinkansen in 2030.