Niseko Boot Lab - Custom Fit Boots and Insole in HANAZONO

Brand New Custom Boots & Insole Store in Niseko HANAZONO's logo

Photo courtesy of SIDAS JAPAN

Niseko Boot Lab

Custom Boots & Insole Store in Niseko HANAZONO

Find your perfect pair of ski/snowboard boots at Niseko Boot Lab. The store will offer custom-fit boots and insole and more.

At Niseko Boot Lab, we offer

  • Ski/Snowboard boot sales and custom-fit
  • Custom-fit and Heat molded liners
  • Insole fitting and customization

The shop will be supported by Sidas, leaders in footbed technology. All staff are trained by Sidas' feet experts to ensure the perfect fit. You will also find winter sports accessories such as heated socks and gloves from leading brands.

Enjoy Niseko's legendary powder even more with perfectly fitted boots (or those heated socks!).

Niseko Boot Lab

Shop Information

  • Operation Dates: December 5, 2020 - April 11, 2021
  • Shop Hours:8:30am - 8:30pm
  • Location:Inside Park Hyatt Hanazono

Contact Information


Niseko Boot Lab in Park Hyatt Hanazono: +81 136 27 1264


Brands Available


  • K2 Ski Boots
  • Head Ski Boots
  • Tecnica Ski Boots
  • Dalbello Ski Boots
  • Full Tilt Ski Boots


  • K2 Snowboard Boots
  • RIDE Snowboard Boots
  • Deeluxe Snowboard Boots
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