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Day Tours Starting From Niseko

Hanazono and Niseko are beautiful places - but so is the rest of the island prefecture of Hokkaido, so why not explore? Hanazono Excursions are a way to turn a simple trip to Niseko into a cross-island tour, discovering all there is to see on Japan’s natural paradise. 

Niseko is a great region to use as a base: its position in the relative centre of the island makes travel in all directions easy and since it is known as a tourism hotspot, many services and infrastructures have been put in place to facilitate easy travel to and from the area. Check out our range of day tours to get exploring and discover Hokkaido in all its splendor.


From ¥45,000 - /gr.

  • Dates of Operation: June 15, 2022 - October 30, 2022
  • Course: 8-hour course, 10-hour course up to destination
  • Tours are fully customizable.
  • Up to 15 guests per group.
  • Feel free to make an inquiry from 1 person. 
  • Advanced payment required.


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Choose your tour: 10-hour course

Furano & Biei Tour

Explore the amazing colours of lavender and other flowers in this famous area. Visiting Furano Cheese Factory, Jam Factory, Anpanman Shop, Tomita Farm and Patchwork Road. A great destination for foodies and families!

  • up to 3 people ¥6,1000 / group
  • up to 8 people ¥86,000 / group
  • up to 15 people Not Available
Shakotan & Otaru Tour

Explore a coastline of sheer cliffs, such as Shimamui Coast, which has been selected as one of the best 100 beaches in Japan, and enjoy the clear waters known as Shakotan Blue. This tour will take you to the canal town of Otaru, one of the most popular tourist spots in Hokkaido. Walk along the canal and visit Kitaichi Glass, and enjoy fresh sea urchin and seafood from Shakotan and Otaru.

  • up to 3 people ¥50,000 / group 
  • up to 8 people ¥68,750 / group
  • up to 15 people ¥75,000 / group
Lake Toya & Noboribetsu Tour
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Explore the majestic beauty of Lake Toya and an active volcanic lava dome. Also witness the damage that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can do to small towns. Visit the famous Windsor Hotel – host of the G8 Summit in 2008. Visiting Showa Shinzan, Lake Toya, Nishiyama Crater, Windsor Hotel, Lake Hill Farm & Silo Observation Deck.

  • up to 3 people ¥55,000 / group 
  • up to 8 people ¥73,650 / group
  • up to 15 people ¥81,500 / group

Choose your tour: 8-hour course

Otaru Tour

Explore at your leisure the famous Nikka Whisky in Yoichi, or Niki Fruit Park. Learn how whisky originated in Japan, sample some free whisky and have the opportunity to purchase whisky made on the premises. Discover Otaru City and Canal including Kitaichi Glass, Music Box Museum, Kitakaro. 

  • up to 3 people ¥45,000 / group 
  • up to 8 people ¥60,000 / group
  • up to 15 people ¥68,000 / group

Sapporo Tour

With a multitude of electronic stores, ramen, and crab restaurants, you surely won't be disappointed visiting the largest city in Hokkaido. Buy an authentic kimono or some chopsticks to take home. Visiting Odori Park, JR Tower, Fish Market, Crab Market, Susukino, Chocolate Factory & Hokkaido Shrine.

  • up to 3 people ¥45,000 / group 
  • up to 8 people ¥60,000 / group
  • up to 15 people ¥68,000 / group

  • Advanced payment required.
  • If you are late for your tour departure time, you need to pay a late fee.

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