Media Request

Plan a media visit to Hanazono

Hanazono welcomes all media to share the attraction of this place with the world widely and will provide support whenever possible. Please read all of the below carefully, and proceed to the entry form.

  • Please apply at least 10 days prior to the desired date of the interview/filming as much as possible.
  • We will reply to you by e-mail or phone to confirm whether we can accept your application or not. Please note that we may decline your application depending on the content of your request.


  • Listing of the Niseko Hanazono Resort name and logo
  • Websites: a link must be placed to the resort's top page or to the relevant page.
  • For social media, specified hashtags, mentions, etc., or shares.
  • Deliverables report must be provided upon completion of the coverage.


  • Make sure that staff not involved in the interview/filming and general customers cannot be identified.
  • Obey the instructions of resort staff. Do not interfere with operations.
  • During the ski season, you must abide by the Niseko Rules. Obey the ski patrol.
  • Do not enter restricted or prohibited areas.
  • Do not use a drone for filming without permission.
As a rule, we do not allow interviews or filming of the following:
  • Anything for which prior application or permission has not been obtained
  • Anything that interferes with the operation of the Resort
  • Anything that defames the reputation of the Resort or any of its affiliates
  • Anything that is offensive to public order and morals


In case you do not receive an automated response after you send the form, please review the email address you have entered.