Media Request

Plan a media visit to Hanazono

HANAZONO welcomes all media who want to visit to see firsthand what makes this place so special, and are happy to provide assistance where we can.
Subject to executive approval and availability, we may be able to provide discounted/complimentary lift passes, lodging and resort services.

Please read all of below carefully, and proceed to entry form.

Who can be provided cooperation for coverage

Newspapers, TV, magazines, websites, influencers, films, DVDs, SNS-based media and individuals who can provide articles, broadcasts, etc who promote HANAZONO.

Example of application

  • Requesting resort images for inclusion on websites and magazine articles
  • Request permission to photograph at the resort for a feature on the ski area or resort activities
  • Recording phone or in-person interviews and interviews for writing up articles


In case you do not receive an automated response after you send the form, please review the email address you have entered.