Hanazono Niseko news and information

Officially open for the winter 2021-22 season on Dec 4!

Hanazono will officially open for the winter 2021-22 winter season on Saturday, December 4! Find out what lifts are operating and what courses are open.

Height rescue drill 2021-2022 winter

We had a height rescue drill for the 2021-2022 winter.

What will happen to Hanazono in the 2021-2022 winter season?

Here's a brief summary of the latest information about the 2021-2022 winter season in Hanazono. Hope this helps you get excited about preparing for this winter.

Bookings are now open for Hanazono 2021-2022 winter season!

Bookings are now open for Hanazono 2021-2022 winter season! Hanazono will be open on December 4, 2021!!

Tree trekking trial price

Try the new tree trekking at Hanazono in 2021 for less than half the price! This is only for residents in Shirbeshi, Iburi, and Hidaka areas of Hokkaido.

Hanazono New Features 2021-22 Winter

News about what's coming new in Hanazono for the up coming winter.

Tree Trekking Package

Tree trekking and accommodation package is now available! Enjoy one of the largest tree treks in Hokkaido and a luxurious stay in Niseko.

Bookings for Hanazono green season 2021

Booking Now OPEN for Summer 2021 from March 29! Check out what's happening in Hanazono this summer.