Your experience in Hanazono? - Alisa's Family Holiday

  • February 05, 2020

Alisa Camplin and Oliver Camplin talking about their experience in Hanazono Niseko Japan
Alisa and Her Husband Oliver Talking About Their Experience in Hanazono, Dec 2019

We were lucky enough to welcome one of Australia’s greatest Winter Olympians and her family to Hanazono, Niseko this December. Alisa Camplin was the first Australian Winter Olympian to win medals at consecutive Winter Olympics (Winning Gold at Salt Lake City 2002 and Winning Bronze at Turin 2006). 

Since retiring in July 2006, Alisa has focused her attention on using the skills developed in competing at the highest level in the business world. She also lends her time in supporting the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne (RCH) with the Finnan's Gift project she set up to thank and provide ongoing support to the amazing team of doctors and nurses at RCH.

We sat down with Alisa and her husband Oliver and talked about their ski experience here in Hanazono, Niseko and her tips for planning the perfect family ski holiday. 

Is this your first time to Niseko?

We have skied all over the world, but it is the first time we have taken the kids away for an international ski trip. And it turned out to be great! 

Why choose Hanazono, Niseko? 

We had heard about Hanazono as a family-friendly resort, and it has been amazing. Niseko is also an easy trip from Australia, no jet lag! We landed in the evening and we were on the slopes the next morning feeling fresh!


"We had heard about Hanazono as a family-friendly resort, and it has been amazing! -- Alisa"

How was your family's experience with NISS? (Niseko International Snowsports School) 

We have a 6-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son who has never been on snow before. We were very nervous about this but they have had a really great start and really enjoyed their skiing. My daughter has had a rapid progression, getting stronger and stronger, meaning she can now ski with the family! NISS gave her something to perfect, a foundation. 

NISS doesn’t just focus on the skills and technique, their instructors make learning enjoyable too. This made the kids want to get to ski school each morning, which gives us parents time to explore the resort.

Oh, and I can’t forget the learning facilities at NISS too, these have been fantastic for our kids' rapid development. 

We can't speak about beginner's experience without talking about the beginner's run in Hanazono -- Silver Dream. How did they enjoy the terrain?

Yeah from Hana 2 chairlift, the Silver Dream course was the perfect course for beginners. With a steady gradient providing enough speed for you to master your technique. If you don’t wish to ski all the way to the bottom, you can take the Hana 1 chairlift down to Hanazono EDGE to have lunch or a coffee after a morning on the mountain. 

Advice for beginners?

I don’t want to give any advice, we have professional instructors here for that! But I can’t help but give family members tips. 

The most important one would be “CONFIDENCE”. Skiing is about “feel”, so feel confident and you should see improvement fast.

"The most important one would be “CONFIDENCE”.  -- Alisa"

Tips for a family ski holiday?

We recommend a day off the mountain as a family. This helped us recharge for the rest of our holiday, it also allowed the kids to enjoy the snow. You can build a snowman, have snowball fights, have lunch off the mountain or explore the area, its up to you but well worth the break.

We would definitely put them into ski school. NISS was phenomenal! Trained to make everything fun. Their love for being on the snow gives our kids a passion for going out skiing each day. At this early age, it is all about having fun with development coming with time. 

Any bonus tips?

When skiing with the kids, take snacks! It’s an easy way to keep them happy while out on the slopes!

Wanna plan an activity-rich family holiday in Hanazono?

Check out our Age-by-Age Guide to Kids Winter Activities in Niseko. For more information on NISS and all the programs they have on offer, click here.