For Limited time! Spring White Water Rafting in Niseko!

  • April 21, 2022

THE BEST time is now in SPRING!

Green Season in Niseko opens up with the start of Rafting

The most well-known outdoor activity in Niseko is RAFTING.
It is an activity you can enjoy all through Spring, Summer, and Autumn, but have you know the difference? - If not, and haven't tried it in Springtime, then MUST try.

Rafting in Spring

As the winter snow melts into the river, Niseko's Rafting season starts. In Hokkaido and especially in Niseko, the amount of snow during winter decides the water level in the river.
There's part of the river that you can only access in Springtime when there's a lot of water, called Spring Course, naturally. - And so we call it "Spring Rafting".
Spring Rafting tours ran only from the very end of April, at the start of the Golden Week holiday period, until mid-May, depending on how much snow is melting into the river from the mountains above.

  • Operation Period:End of April ~ Early to Mid May (depends on water level)
  • Duration:Approximately 3 hrs
  • Start Times:9:00 am, 1:30 am


Spring Rafting Price
Adult only ¥5,900

For family with children, we take you to the summer course.

Don't worry, usual Rafting Tour is available for family with children, we take you to Summer course. Even in the Summer course, there's so much more water in Spring time!

Rafting(Summer Course) Price
Adult(Age 13 +) ¥5,900
Child(Age 4-12) ¥3,900

5 points to talk about Rafting

1. Thrill

Compared to other parts in Hokkaido, Niseko receives a lot more snow. That's why Rafting gets much more exciting in this area.

2. 360℃ View

After a long winter, Spring is springing in Niseko during early season. Fresh green and even a few cherry blossom trees could be sighted from the river.

3. No matter how the weather is.

Because you get wet anyway. And Rafting is something you enjoy more by splashing around and get wet - if you like it. So, rain forecast does not affect your plan for Rafting.

4. Refreshing

Being outside in the great nature of Niseko, and working physically will altogether be a refreshing experience.

5. Team Building

When you go down the river on a raft, everyone aboard becomes one team. Timing, left or right, splash! - you work together and you lough together. That's the fun part of the tour as well.

3 most asked questions for Spring Rafting

Well, the answer is - Yes it can be cold on some days during early spring days as we are located in Hokkaido, the North Sea Island. Do prepare by wearing warm clothes inside the drysuit, and plan on warming up in Onsen afterward. The resort center is prepared to warm you up on return by keeping the changing space heated very well.

The thrill is one of the elements that participants for Rafting seek. Shiribetsu river has calm parts and active parts. For those who prefer to have the tour a bit more on the calm side, you can talk to your guide and he will adjust the actions. Families with small children are guided to the summer course.

During Rafting, you may fall into the river, or sometimes you jump off for fun as well. You will be wearing a lifeguard, and your drysuit will keep you floating too so do not panic. Your guide will pull you back to the raft. It's important to hear the guide's instructions.

Enjoy Spring Rafting with Hanazono

Our guides with many years of river sports in the area will ensure you enjoy the tour. Hop on to other activities after you have fun with rafting with repeater discount!

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