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Prevention Measures Against COVID-19

Prevention Measures Against COVID-19

This season’s Rafting at Hanazono Niseko Resort will operate following the guidelines below to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees.

Apr 29 ~ October 31: To prevent the spread of infection, we will operate while following measures below

Please bring and wear a mask when entering the resort center Hanazono 308, and keep it on while moving to the activity location.

To prevent the spread of infection via badly ventilated, overcrowded and confined space​​​​​​. The below special measures will be conducted while the Japanese government's COVID-19 special requirements are in effect. 
In order to give you peace of mind while enjoying the amazing outdoor activities here in Niseko, in Hanazono all of our staff are doing our best to provide the safest environment possible. 

Please make sure to read through our measures and policies carefully before participating in any of our activities. 

Hokkaido Covid-19 notification system 

Hanazono uses the email notification system provided by Hokkaido. This system sends out an email, if there is anyone confirmed as Coved-19 positive among those who visited the facility on the SAME DAY.
​​​​​​Please support by registering upon arriving at the facility.

Niseko Sports 308

In the Hanazono 308 building, we will install an alcohol disinfectant spray / hypochlorous acid disinfectant spray in various places throughout the shop to create a hygienic environment where customers can feel safe about secured. Upon entering, we also kindly ask you to use the hand sanitizer. We will also ventilate the building by opening windows on a regular basis.

General Prevention Measures for all Activities

Free Cancelation Policy for Both Cancellation on the Day Before and Same-Day Cancelation
If you feel any kind of unwell on the day of activity, please make sure to contact us. (Tel +81-0136-21-3333)
For Rafting/Ducky/Canyoning/Tree trekking/Golf Cart Tour/Sea Kayaking/Cycling:
Normally, 50% or 100% cancelation fee will be applied to customers who wish to cancel on the day before or on the same day of their booked activity due to reasons other than force majeure respectfully. However, there will be no cancellation fee during this COVID-19 period.
For Other activities:
We may have to charge the cancellation fee. Please contact us to check.

Maintaining a hygienic environment and social distance at the resort center’s reception and cloth changing area

  • For reception, cloth changing, and photo sales, which are carried out indoors, regular cleaning and disinfection of the resort center is performed at regular intervals to ensure safety.  
  • Along with constant ventilation, we will install an alcohol disinfectant spray / hypochlorous acid disinfectant spray in various places throughout the building to create a hygienic environment where customers can feel safe about secured. We will also disinfect items like pen used by customers in the reception.
  • To prevent you using the same changing room with other guests, we will be offering multiple changing rooms. We will also be calling out to keep social distancing when you change clothes.
  • While those prevention measures are in effect, we have to stop selling photos of the tour during this period.

Practicing Social Distancing While Moving to the River by Vehicle
To make sure there is enough space between customers, we'd like to ask you not to sit right next to another customer. We will change the size of the transport vehicle depending on the number of passengers. Also, to make sure the vehicle is well ventilated, we will open the window during the transport.

Policies of Mask Wearing During the Activity
Due to the nature of activities such as rafting, it’s possible that your mask will get wet with water and will limit your ability to breathe. To prevent this, wearing a mask is not allowed during the activity.  However, please wear a mask while moving to the activity location. Please be aware of these points before joining Hanazono’s activities.

Regarding Your Physical Condition
We will conduct a temperature check for all customers who participate in our activities. If you were checked to have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher during, we would refuse to let you take part in our activities. We will also cancel the participation of customers who were to have cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or runny nose. No cancellation fee will be charged, so please feel free to contact us.
Guests who do not participate in the activity cannot wait in the resort center. Please kindly wait in other places such as your car.

Specific Prevention Measures for Each Activity

Below you will find details about the specific prevention measures for each activity.
Please click the activity name you'd like to check.


Rafting's Prevention Measures

We will try to arrange a charter boat for the customers in the same group. There is a possibility that some groups might need to share a one boat for lack of participants. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Ducky's Prevention Measures

Ducky is a type of inflatable kayak activity for one or two persons. Customers in different groups will not be shared with one boat.

Scenic Mountain Bike Tour's Prevention Measures

A basic rule for cycling is keeping a certain distance between bicycles while parallel riding. Our guide will inform you of staying more than 2m apart from anyone during a break.

Canyoning's Prevention Measures

We will run the tour at about half the normal capacity and make sure that participants are kept at an appropriate distance throughout the tour.

Sea Kayaking's Prevention Measures

This is a completely private tour.