Spring in Niseko🌸

  • April 15, 2022

The snow on the ski slopes is gradually melting and spring is almost here in Niseko. Spring in Hokkaido is cherry blossom season! See cherry blossoms, eat delicious food, enjoy activities, and have fun!

How to spend spring in Niseko

1. See beautiful nature

Niseko in spring with beautiful greenery. This time of year in Hokkaido is just the cherry blossom season. Why not go cycling or driving in the Niseko area to see the cherry blossoms?

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2022

  • Niseko/Toya area: April 26-30
  • Sapporo/Hakodate area: April 21-25
7 Cherry blossom spots in Niseko area
  • Arishima Park in Niseko :Park located in Arishima Memorial Hall. There is also a book café inside the museum offering home-roasted coffee.
  • Soga Shinrin Park in Niseko:Within the 6.2-hectare site, there is a campground and a cycling path, where you can spend time with your family in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Fukidashi Park in Kyogoku :A healing park with approximately 80,000 tons of spring water gushing out every day. Don't forge to bring an empty bottle of spring water to take home!
  • Makkari Shrine :The approach to Makari Shrine, built in 1910, is lined with 50-60 cherry trees about 100 years old.
  • Iwanai Shurine:The closest sea town to Niseko. Depending on the time of year, plum, peach, and cherry blossoms can be seen at the same time.
  • Horikawa River in Kyowa:A history museum in an old wooden elementary school building is located nearby, with an admission fee of 100 yen.
  • Run Run Parkin Rankoshi:The park is located in the town of Rannkoshi, famous for its rice production. Approximately 500 cherry trees bloom along 1.2 km of the river.

2. Enjoy Niseko's seasonal foods

Niseko has a wide range of temperatures and an abundance of water nurtured by the heavy snowfall. The conditions are perfect for producing delicious crops.

Spring Vegetables

  • April - June
  • Wild vegetables, winter potatoes, asparagus, carrots, rape blossoms, spring cabbage, bamboo shoots, etc.

3. Go on an adventure!

Niseko truly has something for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors. Refresh your mind and body in the mountains, rivers, oceans, forests, and vast nature.

Spring Rafting 

  • Adult¥5,900, Child¥3,900
  • Age 4-12,
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  • Open May1 - Nov6, 2022
  • Price (5/1 - 31): Weekdays ¥7,100, Sat & Sun & Holidays ¥10,000
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Tree Trekking 

  • Adult ¥4,500, Child ¥3,800
  • Age 6+ / Height 120cm +
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4. Relieve yourself

Onsen Paradise 

Niseko is famous as a hot spring paradise, and you will surely find your favorite hot spring in Niseko!

Visit a different spots every day to compare the quality!?

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5. Stay


With luxury hotels, condominiums, townhouses, and affordable accommodation, you can choose the best accommodation to suit your friends, family, budget, and travel style.

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