Niseko Hanazono Hill Climb 2019

Sunday, 04 August 2019
Kutchan Town

August 4th has been selected as the date for the 10th annual Hanazono Hill Climb. This intense yet rewarding race has something for everyone! It starts in Kutchan at the Jagata Matsuri (Potato Festival), so there are plenty of performances and activities to participate in if you are not racing.

For more information or to register, check out HERE!

Additional Information


57th Jaga-matsuri-site ( Kutchan Potato Festival venue)


[Date]      Pre-race day registration (3th Aug) or Race day (4th Aug)

[Place] Kutchan Community Hall (Ko-minkan) 

[time]      3th Aug 12:00-18:00 / 5th Aug 8:15-10:00



The race climbs 617 vertical meters over 15.5 km at an average grade of 4.6%.

The hill climb race has been taking a place with the Kutchan Jagata-matsuri (the local festival).

There are a number of categories ranging from elite to beginner and the focus of the event is on participation.



  • HCF member ・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 5,500yen

  • Non-member ・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 6,500yen

  • Non-member (Students) ・・・ 2,500yen

*Fees are non-refundable in any case.



  • Anybody over 13 years old (Junior High & High school students)

  • HCF / JCF registered members

     *Only JCF registered members can apply for the elite class. 



Saturday, 3rd August 2019

  • 12:00-18:00     Registration


Sunday, 4th August 2019

  • 8:15–10:00      Registration

  • 10:10                Opening ceremony

  • 10:35                Race start (1st Group)

  • 10:40                Race start (2nd Group)

  • 10:45                Race start (5th Group)

  • 12:30                Race finish

  • 14:00                Closing & Award ceremony


hanazono hill climb 2019