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Onsen discount for HANAZONO activity guests!

Expires October 06, 2024

Local Onsen Discount Ticket

Planning to go dip in onsen to relax after any of Hanazono's exciting summer activities?
Go for it! We provide a discount ticket to our customers at the end of each activity. Niseko is famous for its pleathora of high quality onsen options, so don't miss your chance to experience them!

If you would like to receive the ticket, please visit Activity Reception Desk in Hanazono 308 or ask a staff member nearby.

List of discounted onsen for 2024

Goshiki onsen Adult:¥800 → ¥700
Child:¥500 → ¥400
Iroha Adult:¥1000 → ¥800
Kira no Yu Adult: ¥600 → ¥550
Child:¥250 → ¥200
Makkari Onsen Adult:¥600 → ¥500
Yukichichibu Adult:¥700 → ¥650
Kanro no Mori Adult:¥1500 → ¥1300
*Each onsen facility's website is in Japanese.