Niseko Hanazono Resort introduces “HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT”

Niseko Hanazono Resort introduces “HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT” – Japan’s first multi-stage dual-cable zipline experience

The excitement at Hanazono continues to build…

In the summer of 2022, Hanazono will introduce “HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT”, Japan’s first multi-stage dual-cable zipline experience.
Three dual-cable ziplines will be installed at Hanazono forming a comprehensive multi-stage “Zip Tour” activity of up to two hours duration. The total zip tour distance will be 2,591 meters in length, the longest in Japan.
The longest zipline, “MACH 3”, at 1,700 meters will be one of the longest ziplines in Asia.

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT rendering image ©️Nihon Harmony Resorts KK

The Hanazono zipline system has been designed, engineered and installed by Skyline Ziplines Japan GK, the local subsidiary of Skyline Ziplines Ltd (Whistler, Canada), and will take riders through the experience of a lifetime flying through Niseko’s trees and volcanic mountains, with unforgettable views of Mt. Yotei from on high. Skyline says:

“The act of flying is like no other. Only a select few ever get to feel the pure sensation of true flying. These experiences are for the men and women who skydive, base jump, bungee jump, and speed fly. The act of flying over mountainsides, through ravines, and out over the aprons of the steepest mountains is extraordinary and like nothing else. This experience of flying initiates feelings that some would refer to as a genuine feeling of being truly alive.

But, what if you can truly experience all of these flying emotions without risk and in a family-friendly fun environment? If you would like to go on such ride, you are in luck! Hanazono Resort in Japan has now built Japan’s biggest zipline”.

MACH 3 is the longest zipline in Japan, and one of the longest ziplines of its kind in the world. Reaching speeds in excess of 110km/h, Skyline says:

“When we say “one of the lines being the longest zipline of its kind” what we mean is the experience will be one of a kind regarding the proximity of flight to the ground and surrounding areas at high speeds.
Generally Mega Ziplines never have a close proximity mid-flight experience because of the general layout of the land. By having this experience, “MACH 3” will provide a significant thrill we have never seen on any zipline before”.


The HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT ziplines are set on the slopes of Mt. Niseko Annupuri, the now world-famous powder snow mecca for the world’s most discerning snowsports enthusiasts. Accessible only by Hanazono’s new 10-person gondola*, a dedicated guide will escort you personally through the three stages of the 2,591 meters long zip tour. *Up to 8 people during the summer season

  • MACH 1: 427m
  • MACH 2: 464m
  • MACH 3: 1,700m

The first two stages are set shallower and at shorter distances, making it easy for guests of all ages to participate, with the challenge of each stage stepping up smoothly as the tour progresses. The zip tour culminates in the “MACH 3” - One of Asia's longest mega-zipline at a staggering length of 1,700 meters.

Winter Hanazono Lift 1 transforms into the summer gondola, and from the top of Hana 1 station, we will take you to the MACH 1 stage by car!
Dual Ziplines

Hanazono's dual-cable ziplines are sure to satisfy those who would like to fly together with friends and family. Twice the excitement as you race each other to the bottom. Memories are best shared together, and HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT’s dual-cable ziplines with their 360° panoramic views guarantee memories of a lifetime.

International standards of safety

Safety is critical in all aspects of experience-tourism and Skyline’s installations adhere to the highest levels of international safety. A key and unique feature of Skyline’s ziplines system is the SKYTECH SAFE LAUNCH SYSTEM. This system aims to eliminate all foreseeable operator errors through the integration of a programmable-logistic-control driven safety system. By including multiple mechanical, visual, and electronic safety protocols, the system is designed to start only when the system is 100% ready. The risk of accidental departure is eliminated and the risk of human error and customer injury reduced to practically zero. The system complies with the standards of ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology), an international safety standard set pertaining to the safety of ziplines.


HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT does not utilize hand brakes or gravity-dependent braking systems. The 2:1 skyTECH spring braking system developed by Skyline considered the safest and most robust braking system in the zipline world, is used to reduce the noise and vibration that occurs during the zipline experience. This ensures superior safety and an overwhelmingly smooth experience. With a comfortable ride free of stress and fatigue, a sense of mental freedom and physical emersion in the rich Nature of Niseko is assured.

Environmental considerations

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT is being installed with minimal environmental impact to preserve the surrounding nature of Mt. Niseko Annupuri. Only components produced with the most sophisticated technology are used. Tower structures are built with wooden stairs which, while taking more than twice as much work to complete as steel constructions, are designed to look beautiful and blend in with the green landscape of Hanazono.

Niseko Hanazono Resort

Located on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido, Niseko is coveted as one of the largest combined resort areas in Japan, producing some of the lightest and driest snow on the planet. Niseko Hanazono Resort is one of the four resort areas of Niseko, offering spectacular skiing for all abilities, luxurious ski-in/ski-out accommodation, extraordinary culinary experiences and a full complement of guest services and activities.

In December 2021 Hanazono opened a brand new 6-seat detachable hooded chairlift with heated seats, and a 10-seat gondola with cabins designed by Italy’s Pininfarina, to provide luxurious additional uphill capacity, as well as night skiing.
Mountain Lights prototype ©️Bruce Munro Studio
In the green season, Niseko is blessed with a cooler climate, and the resort offers water activities such as white-water rafting, and canyoning, as well as tree trekking, cycling, and golf.

During the summer of 2022, Hanazono will introduce “Mountain Lights”, a creation of the internationally acclaimed light artist Bruce Munro. The nights in Niseko will be illuminated with his light-based artwork in complete harmony with Hanazono’s natural surroundings, producing a dreamlike walkway through wonderland. This is Bruce Munro’s first art installation in Japan, and there is great anticipation his creation will bring newfound attention and allure to Niseko’s stunning green season months.

Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono

Set in a spectacular natural landscape with stunning views across the Annupuri ranges and Mount Yotei, Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono embodies personal luxury for global connoisseurs. A true year-round mountain resort with spaces and guestrooms designed for enriching experiences in an environment of carefully curated art, cuisine and contemporary design.

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Mountain Lights prototype ©️Bruce Munro Studio
Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono ©️Park Hyatt

2022 Operational Period: July 1 - October 10, 2022
Approximately 2 hour guided tour

・Full Package (3 ziplines) Adult ¥15,000 / Child ¥12,000
・Trial Package (2 ziplines) Adult ¥7,000 / Child ¥5,600

Access to the rich nature of the Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park surrounding the resort through water activities like rafting.
One of the largest tree trekking in Hokkaido with six courses opened in summer 2021 in the resort. Rental fishing and fun kayaking are to start in the summer of 2022.