Horse riding Tour|Hanazono Winter New Activity 2020-2021

  • February 05, 2021

New in 2020-2021 winter, Horse riding tour!

Horse riding, a popular activity newly added to Hanazono's activities for the 2020 green season, is also available in winter! The farm is about a 15-minute drive from Hanazono. Look at the horses in the farm - we're excited.

About the tour

We tried the "Horse Riding Tour" in the silvery white world.

  • Price:¥5,500/p.p.
  • Age: 7 years old and above *Please contact us for children under 6.
  • No experience needed!
  • Number of guests per tour: Minimum 2 people, maximum of 4 people

What to wear

Winter in the Niseko area is cold even on sunny days, so wear warm and comfortable clothing. If you have it, ski jackets and snow pants are recommended. It also helps to wear gloves to keep a firm grip on the reins. Heels are not allowed. Stable and comfortable shoes are recommended. We wore the same snow boots we usually use in winter.

Today's buddies

They are the horses we rode today!11-year-old Azuki and 17-year-old Bakkun. They are both mixed horses and have a calm and cute personality.

Azuki 11years old ♀
Bakkun 17 years old ♂

Let's practice!

First, we practiced how to ride in the farm. The representative, Mr. Kawai, taught us the basic movements.

Basic movements
  • Move forward: Tap the horse's belly with the heels of both feet.
  • Stop: Pull both reins toward you.
  • Turn: Open the reins sideways in the direction you want to go.

If the reins get loose, horses might not be able to follow your instructions, so be careful! Now that we've managed to get the basic movements, it's time to go on an adventure!

The temperature had risen and the snowpack had decreased, but still this high!!
We're lucky to have a beautiful day with Mt.Yotei! Don't forget to take a photo.

How nice it was to ride a horse through the silver world with the majestic Mt. Yotei. Even for locals, it was inspiring. When you ride a horse, you can see the scenery from a much higher perspective, so you can discover a different scenery. Check out this video of the horse riding experience!


Horse Feeding

We had a special opportunity to feed carrots to the horses! As soon as they saw the carrots, they were like, "Hurry up and give me some! And, they kicked the ground to appeal to us! It was so cute!!

Place the carrot in the palm of our hand and gently bring it to the horse's mouth. It may take some courage to do this the first time. Will the horse eat your hand? Don't worry! They are gentle horses, and they were able to eat the carrot without touching their teeth to our hands! I bet your kids will be so excited!

Yum yum yum🥕
Good boy, Bakkun!
Special offer for blog viewers only 🔔

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Felt somebody watching us...

When I looked at the entrance of the farm, we saw a hot gaze from afar. The ponies were staring at us. From left to right: Burio, Momiji, and Sakura. I wonder if they noticed that we were feeding carrots to Azuki and Bakkun!
It's a wonderful place where you can not only experience riding horses, but also spending time with various kinds of horses.

They were watching us☝
How adorable! 📸
From left to right: Burio, Momiji, and Sakura.🌸

Fun time flew so fast. Thanks to the clever horses, we could have an amazing experience. This is an activity with a lot of fascination that is sure to be enjoyed by both visitors and residents of Hokkaido. Please give it a try! It will surely be a wonderful memories for you.

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Horse riding in summer is also fun! Check here for the detail.