First in Asia! Auto Video System Comes to Hanazono

  • July 01, 2023

Fun moments with up to 110 km/h forever!

Keep your happy memories forever! Finally, the long-awaited Canadian attraction automatic video system will be introduced to our zipline tour HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT on July 1!

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4 REASONS WHY Hanazono's automatic video system is so great

1.100% automation

The system can automatically capture, extract, and edit ziplining scenes, and automatically generate videos that can be posted on social media. You can purchase this service by reading the QR code with your smartphone.

2.Latest technology considered difficult in Japan

Unlike roller coasters and other attractions, zip lines are said to be unsuitable for automatic filming because the speed of the zipline varies depending on the weight of the guests, temperature, and wind direction. Moreover, the dual-cable zipline in Hanazono made it nearly impossible to capture footage of two people at different speeds, but technology from Canada's Kool Replay made it possible.

3.Enjoy hands-free fun and even record sound

You can enjoy the zipline and the spectacular 360-degree view purely without the hassle of shooting yourself. Audio is also recorded, allowing you to enjoy the thrilling screams as many times as you like after the tour!

4.No advance booking required & No rush to buy!

No advance booking is required! Automatically generated materials can be downloaded at any time from your smartphone or computer, so you can consider purchasing them when you get home! *Available for download during the summer business period of use.

Wait until you see it!

Three different filming spots are set up on the Mach 3 course, the longest of which is 1.7 km. Don't forget to give us a big smile when you find a camera during the fly!!HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT