Ocean Fishing Tour|Hanazono Summer New Activity 2020

  • June 24, 2020


Introduction to one of the new activities started 2020 green season.

Niseko Hanazono Resort has launched some new summer activities in 2020, and this Ocean Fishing Tour is one of these. Let's see what it looks like and how fun it is.

ocean fishing

What’s Ocean Fishing Tour?

Everyone, from children to adults can have fun in the ocean fishing tour! No need to bring anything, all the equipment you might need is included in the price.

How far away to the sea from Niseko?

A one-hour scenic drive away from Niseko, we will depart from Suttsu that is known for its fresh seafood. A peaceful countryside view is one of the highlights of this tour.

I have never fished before…

Don’t worry! An experienced fishermen will teach you how to fish in the ocean!  They'll take you to the best spot of the day!


What can I fish?

We caught some jacopever, flounder, Okhotsk Atka mackerel, cod, yellow body rockfish, and bastard halibut in early June. It depends on the season.

ocean fishing

Can I eat the fish I catch or keep them?

You'll get to grill your catch or enjoy it as sashimi right away when you back to the port, giving you the freshest taste! If you want to take it home, a styrofoam box and ice are available.

ocean fishing

ocean fishing


  • Your adventure can be a nightmare if you get seasick on a ship. Take motion sickness pills before transport. Sleep loss and hunger increase the occurrence of motion sickness. Have a good sleep and avoid being hungry before the tour. Eating something sour might help in the worse case scenario!
  • Temperatures on the water can be very different than on land. Make sure to bring a jacket with you. The sunlight is directly shining onto you, so wearing a hat/cap and sunglasses may help recover from fatigue.

ocean fishing

You'll depart back to Niseko with incredible memories of sea adventures. During your trip to Niseko, don't miss out on ocean activities close by as well as mountain and river activities. This chartered tour will be a memorable experience for your families and friends.

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ocean fishing tour