Height rescue drill 2021-2022 winter

  • November 18, 2021

We had a height rescue drill on the new Hanazono lift 1 and Hanazono Symphony Gondola. This is a classroom and practical training by POMA of France.

Hanazono Lift 1

New Hana1 lift

If the lifts or gondolas are shut down due to bad weather or other unusual circumstances, the ski patrol rescue team must be able to access the cabins or chairs to assist the trapped passengers as soon as possible. The old Hanazono lift 1 was not very high, but the new Hanazono lift 1 is 15.3m high at its highest point, which requires high rescue.

First, they climbed up the pillar. There's a big difference between seeing it and actually climbing it! After climbing, they attached special equipment to the wire rope and moved to the lift with the strength of their arms while their body was suspended. They looked like monkeys in the jungle as they moved agilely!

Even with a safety lifeline attached, just looking at it made us nervous.
New Hana1 lift carries six people.
The key is how to get people down to the ground quickly and safely.
Evacuation triangle
One by one.

Hanazono Symphony Gondola

Then, we had a height rescue drill on Hanazono Symphony Gondola. The maximum height of the gondola is 23.7m, which is more than the seventh floor of a typical apartment building.

New Hanazono Symphony Gondola

The different equipment was used for the gondola. They sit and turned the rotating handle at the top to go forward, with their hips and feet on the part hanging from the wire rope. It is much harder work than it looks, as the strength of the hands is quickly exhausted.

Lifts and gondolas will be shut down on days with low temperatures and strong winds/blizzards.Staying at high altitudes for long hours takes away your physical strength and can be fatal. The ski patrol works hard throughout the winter to keep snow sports enthusiasts safe!

Scheduled to open on Saturday, December 4, 2021. We're looking forward to welcoming you this season!