Golf Cart Tour|Hanazono Summer New Activity.

  • June 17, 2020

golfcart tour


Introduction to one of the new activities started in 2020 green season.

Niseko Hanazono Resort has launched some new summer activities in 2020, and this Golf Cart Tour is one of these. Let's see what it looks like and how fun it is.

What's Golf Cart Tour?

Hanazono Golf, hailed as the “most beautiful place to golf in Japan” by some golfers, is the stage of the golf cart tour.  It was of course only available to golfers before, but now this breathtaking scenery opens its door to anyone who wants to come to enjoy the serenity of the late afternoon in the Niseko nature. Our Golf course guide will take you in a comfortable 4 seater golf cart, to a tranquil yet sometimes surprisingly thrilling tour. You can come in your everyday clothes, just make sure you wear comfortable shoes, not high-heels!

Our guide will show you to the golf cart parking. Are you worried if you can drive a golf cart properly? - No worries, you’ll be fine, our helpful guide will teach you how to do it! Then you will be provided with a walkie-talkie to be able to hear the guiding and ask questions, now you are all set! 

So, what's the view like?

Finally, let the adventure begin. Have an experienced guide take you around for a scenic and relaxing tour. Don’t forget to take photos! The most interesting part of the tour is surely the view from your golf cart right? Here are some shots from early May when we just launched the tour.


We'll try not to show you too much though, to save it as a surprise!

golf water


A freshwater creek running through, a sound of birds singing, it’s like you’re in another world. 

golfcart tour

golfcart tour photo spot

hanazono golf

Hanazono Golf course has some of the best views in all of Niseko, with panoramic vistas of Mt. Yotei as well as lakes, forests, and rolling hills, making it perfect for a golf cart tour. 


You don’t need to be a golfer to enjoy Hanazono Golf anymore. Get a group of friends together not only for an easy day exploring Hanazono Golf but also for a nice lunch and tea time at the Clubhouse restaurant


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