New activities for the 2023-24 winter

  • January 23, 2024

January will be almost over. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed your stay at Niseko Hanazono Resort this winter. And to those of you who plan to visit us in the future, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Niseko is famous for its powder snow for skiing and snowboarding, but did you know that there are also a variety of snow activities? In addition to the ever-popular snow tubing and snow rafting, here are some new activities that have been launched this winter.

This activity is different from regular snowshoe tours and offers a unique snow experience of a higher grade. You will ride a gondola to the mountainside! A specialized guide will take you to areas that are normally inaccessible to the public. You will even get to try some of the Park Hyatt's sweets, making this a day to remember for sure.

Recommended point ①Private Tour

Our regular snowshoe tours are group tours with a maximum of 8 people. This is a private tour, so you can enjoy the tour with your friends and family.

Recommended point ②Popular Sweets in Niseko

Niseko's popular energy bars made from 100% natural ingredients and hot drinks from Park Hyatt will be served. If you get tired from snowshoeing, you can take a break at any time you like. After the tour is over, we will actually go to the Park Hyatt Hotel to enjoy sweets at the cafe and talk about the memories of today's tour. There will also be a marshmallow roasting experience over a bonfire, so this tour is full of charm to the very end!

Recommended point ③Gondola Ride

You can ride on the gondola made by POMA, the first gondola in Japan, even if you do not ski! Enjoy the 360-degree view of Niseko from the leather seats and the large windows. 2023-24 season, the Louis Vuitton collaboration gondola is operating, so you are very lucky to be able to ride it!

Have you ever ridden a snowcat? Unless you work as a snow plow operator or have been on a snowcat tour, you probably haven't had the chance to ride a snowcat. On this tour, you will charter a German-made CAT called PistenBully and go on an adventure to Weisshorn, which until now has only been accessible to skiers and snowboarders. Snowshoeing on the mountain, diving in the fluffy snow, what would you do?

Recommended point ①Go to the snowy mountains without skiing gear

Weisshor has previously only been accessible by CAT tours. Starting this winter, it will be accessible without skiing equipment. Come out and experience a snowy mountain that used to be exclusive to skiers.

Recommended point ②Park Hyatt Drinks & Sweets

Snowy mountains can be surprisingly cold. Warm up with a hot drink specially prepared by Park Hyatt. Don't worry if you get hungry! You will receive a cute box of Park Hyatt's recommended sweets as a nice present. You can take them home as souvenirs!

Recommended point ③Discover the true beauty of nature

A silver world as far as the eye can see, with Mount Yotei and other mountains on the other side. It is not every day that you can find yourself in such a beautiful scene. Be sure to bring a fully charged smartphone for photos and videos! Also, the weather is not always clear. We expect it to be a blizzard at times, but please experience nature as it is.

Book early to avoid disappointment!

Some of our tours are so popular that they book up months in advance. We recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment when planning your trip.

Group Snowshoe Tour

If you are OK with group tours, this is the tour for you. *Only same-day reservations are accepted.

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Niseko Weiss Powder CATS

Popular tours! If you want to ski or snowboard in Wallishorn, join this tour.

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The 2023-24 season will be open until April 7, 2024! We look forward to welcoming you all.