Best Kids Snowsports School in Niseko

  • January 16, 2023

If you naturally want your kids to learn how to ski and have a blast in the process, NISS is a perfect choice. We offer private, group, and concierge services, each with its own unique characteristics. Let's discover what makes NISS so special!

What is NISS Kids Program like?

NISS has three types of children's programs. Private, Group, and Concierge Services. Start by finding the perfect lesson for you, including your preferred time, number of students, and ancillary services!


AM, PM, 1-day, Night skiing
・Max. 6 per group
・Lunch ¥2,500 to add


・10:00am - 3:30pm for 1-day lesson
Max. 3 per group
Lunch included
・English only
・Choice of 2 types: Tik-Tak MAX3 (skiing) for ages 3-6 and Yuki MAX3 (skiing and snowboarding) for ages 7-14

Diamond Pro Ski Concierge

・AM, PM, Full day
・Max. 6 per group
・Lunch ¥2,500 to add (For participation by kids only)
First Track Guaranteed (1-day program only)
Transport service available (Experience Program only)

Top 5 Important Aspects of NISS

1.  First Track Service*

✅Diamond Pro

First Tracks Service* opens the lifts exclusively before the public, letting you be first on the untracked powder slopes of Hanazono! That's one of Hanazono's strengths, and it's only possible because the resort is directly managed! Formerly only available with Hanazono Powder Guides, now we offer First Track Service to Diamond Pro full-day guests. This will be an unforgettable moment of early morning that only a limited guest can experience.

*Included in two programs, Diamond Pro Experience and Diamond Pro Niseko.

2.  Small groups up to 3 per group*

✅Group Lesson

niss ski school kids are happy in hanazono's facilities

NISS believes in small groups; in 2017, we reduced the number of students per group to 5-7, and in 2022 we reduced the maximum to 3 to make it even more effective. A small class size provides the opportunity for more personalized feedback for each child, while still maintaining a great group atmosphere with like-minded children. Under the care and guidance of our experienced instructors, there is plenty of opportunity for adventure whilst also obtaining the essential skills of skiing and snowboarding to progress.

*Maximum number of students in our group lesson.

3.  Extensive lunch menu

✅Private Lesson ✅Group Lesson ✅Diamond Pro

Lunch is an essential part of the program, allowing our children time to refuel and get to know their group of friends! With NISS Kids lessons, we ensure that children enjoy lunchtime and cater to allergies and dietary requirements. Each day of the week we offer a different buffet-style menu with a good nutritional balance. Hot chocolate is also served which is great for a tired body!

4.  Priority Lift Access

✅Private Lesson ✅Group Lesson ✅Diamond Pro

niss ski school kids are happy in hanazono's facilities

NISS is the only snow sports school with priority lift lanes in Niseko Hanazono Resort. That means less time waiting for lifts and more time on the mountain. And if your child is not yet confident enough to ride a lift, don't worry! Enjoy and learn in comfort with our two magic carpets!

5.  Real-time GPS location tracking system

✅Group Lesson

niss ski school kids are happy in hanazono's facilities

"Hanazono Shield" by TREK TRACK which can track your child's location on a 3D map, provide an excellent learning environment. It covers the entire mountain range of Niseko and can track your child's location on a 3D map in real time and with pinpoint accuracy. In case of an emergency, it allows for immediate response time and assistance on the scene with all live information accessible by Ski Patrol and NISS.


Yes. We will responsibly take care of your child.

No. Lift tickets and rental equipment are not included in the lesson fee, so please prepare your own. You can also book them online by clicking below.

Lift Tickets ・ Rentals

Yes. Find your favorite instructor and request him or her!

 If you would like more detailed information any of the NISS programs, please click on the link below!