Prevention Measures Against COVID-19

Prevention Measures Against COVID-19

In this page, you will find safety measures to prevent covid-19 at Niseko Hanazono Resort.


Based on the "Basic Policy for Countermeasures against Covid-19 Infections" and "New way of life" presented by the Japanese government, "New Hokkaido Style" is a new lifestyle and business style for practicing in Hokkaido. In line with this "New Hokkaido Style" and under the guidance of government agencies, the resort is operated with the highest priority given to ensuring the health and safety of all guests and staff.


• Attention should be paid to the health management of all persons involved in the resort, including guests and staff.

• Intensify cleaning and disinfection to provide sanitised facilities.

• Ensure a well-ventilated air environment.

What we ask of guests at the time of considering visiting

 ・ Understanding and cooperation to prevent the spread of infection, such as postponing the visit if guests are not feeling well. In addition, we will notify in advance that customers who fall under the following items will be refused entry to the resort.

・ Those who have close contact with a person who is positive for Covid-19.

What to ask of guests when coming to Hanazono

・Hand wash and sterlize.

・Utilization of online advance reservation and payment.

・Use of cashless payments such as credit cards when making local payments.

Common measures for the Hanazono Resort

・Encourage all staff to gargle regularly.

・Regular ventilation of vehicles and buildings

・Installation of signage to encourage social distancing, hand washing, gargling, and wearing a mask will be displayed.

・In addition to regular cleaning, implement additional disinfection for areas and facilities in direct contact with guests and staff.

・Avoid direct contact between guests and staff wherever possible (use coin trays etc.)

Prevention Measures on each Facility and Activity

Details of the safety measures on each activity, and facility depending on the seasonality.
Please click on the seasonality you are going to book your activity with Hanazono to see the details.

Green Season

Snow Season

Measures by department

Click on each item below to learn more about details.

  • It is recommended that guests purchase lift tickets online and in advance. 

  • Implement all necessary hygienic practices to prevent the spread of infection in cooking and serving process.
  • All publicly exposed surfaces will be periodically wiped and disinfected.

  • All publicly exposed surfaces will be periodically wiped and disinfected.

  • Rental clothing, helmets and boots are sterilized after each rental.
  • There will be no rental of gloves, googles and hats.
  • Guests must be appropriately socially distanced when seated on the fitting bench.
  • All publicly exposed surfaces will be periodically wiped and disinfected.

  • All publicly exposed surfaces will be periodically wiped and disinfected.
  • Staff members (wearing gloves and masks) will prepare and serve children’s snacks and lunches.

  • All publicly exposed surfaces will be periodically wiped and disinfected.

  • All publicly exposed surfaces will be periodically wiped and disinfected.

  • Rescue boats will be disinfected after being used for transportation of injured persons.

General Prevention Measures for all Activities

Free Cancelation Policy for Both Cancellation on the Day Before and Same-Day Cancelation
If you feel any kind of unwell on the day of the activity, please make sure to contact us. (Tel +81-0136-21-3333)
For Rafting/Ducky/Canyoning/Tree trekking/Golf Cart Tour/Cycling/Zip World:
Normally, a 50% or 100% cancelation fee will be applied to customers who wish to cancel on the day before or on the same day of their booked activity due to reasons other than force majeure respectfully. However, some activities have special cancellation weaver in case the ceritificate from medical institutions can be presented.
For Other activities:
We may have to charge the cancellation fee. Please contact us to check.

Maintaining a hygienic environment and social distance at the resort center’s reception and cloth changing area

  • For the reception, cloth changing, and photo sales, which are carried out indoors, regular cleaning and disinfection of the resort center is performed at regular intervals to ensure safety.  
  • Along with constant ventilation, we will install an alcohol disinfectant spray / hypochlorous acid disinfectant spray in various places throughout the building to create a hygienic environment where customers can feel safe about security. We will also disinfect items like pens used by customers in the reception.
  • To prevent crowding the space, we will be offering multiple changing rooms as much as possible. We will also be calling out to keep social distancing when you change clothes.
  • While those prevention measures are in effect, we have to stop selling photos of the tour during this period.

Practicing Social Distancing While Moving to the River by Vehicle
We will change the size of the transport vehicle depending on the number of passengers to keep as much space as possible. Also, to make sure the vehicle is well ventilated, we will open the window during the transport.

Policies of Mask Wearing During the Activity
Due to the nature of activities such as rafting, it’s possible that your mask will get wet with water and will limit your ability to breathe. To prevent this, wearing a mask is not allowed during the activity.  However, please wear a mask while moving to the activity location. Please be aware of these points before joining Hanazono activities.
For other outdoor activities, please follow instructions by your guide and keep your mask with you so that you can wear it when needed.

Regarding Your Physical Condition
We will conduct a temperature check for all customers who participate in our activities. If you were checked to have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, we would refuse to let you take part in our activities. We will also cancel the participation of customers who were to have cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or runny nose. No cancellation fee will be charged, so please feel free to contact us.
Guests who do not participate in the activity cannot wait in the resort center. Please kindly wait in other places such as your car.

Specific Prevention Measures for Each Activity

Below are details of the safety measures for each activity.

  • Considerations for grouping
    We will try to arrange one boat for the same group as long as there is no problem in steering the boat.  One boat is limited to 3 groups.

Ducky is a type of inflatable kayak activity for one or two persons. Customers in different groups will not be shared with one boat.

A basic rule for cycling is keeping a certain distance between bicycles while parallel riding. Our guide will ask you to keep a social distance of at least 2 meters during breaks.

We will run the tour at about half the normal capacity and make sure that customers are kept at an appropriate distance throughout the tour.

This is a completely private tour.

To avoid crowding (especially at the start of the activity), only a limited number of participants can join at one session.
We also ask you to keep your mask with you so that you can wear it when needed.

This activity includes transfer by Gondola cabin and a van. Please wear a mask.

This activity includes transfer by Gondola cabin. Please wear a mask.

About measures for employees

Click on each item below to learn more about details.

・It is critically important for employees to monitor their own health and well-being. 

・Employees who feel unwell during work hours will be sent home immediately.

・Employees remain at home should monitor their own health on a continuous basis.  If symptoms do not improve, employees must consult a doctor or public health center.

・Report to the manager and the company.
・Report the results to the company in accordance with instructions from health centers and medical institutions.
・For residents, they will be observed in an isolated room provided by the company.

  • Establish a communication system between the health management supervisor or health and safety promoter, etc., and the health center, and cooperate with all enquiries from the public health center.
  • If a contact is identified as a close contact, report it to the company immediately and follow the instructions of the health center or medical institution.
  • Consideration will be given to the privacy/human rights of infected persons to ensure that their names are not made public.