Unlimited Rides for 3,000 Yen Before Christmas | KAI-BUS

  • December 11, 2019


a bus stop for KAI-BUS in front of Midtown Niseko
A Bus Stop for KAI-BUS in Front of Midtown Niseko Hotel


Look out for signs like this, KAI-BUS will help you get to the most popular places in the Niseko area! 

This season, a customized bus network optimized by AI is running in Niseko! Brand new bus line KAI-BUS (Kutchan AI Bus), is operating from Dec 2 - 22nd, 2019! 

For just 3,000 yen, you can get to anywhere you want*, with unlimited rides, for a group up to 6 people. 

This price is only offered for a limited time only! If you are visiting Niseko before Christmas, you can enjoy your après-ski with your friends and family, without digging into the complicated bus timetable (and most of all, save!).

Reservations are available until 22:00, the night before your desired date**.

*There are a total of 20 bus stops in Niseko area

**Booking time: 9:00 to 22:00

Here are the 20 bus stops located all over Niseko area:

Hanazono Resorts area: 
  1. Hanazono 308 (Restaurant)

men and women having cafe and launch in Hanazono EDGE restaurant & bar watching skier passing by
Hanazono EDGE Restaurant & Bar, the new spacious full glass-windowed building where you directly enter coming down the slopes


Kutchan Town area:
  1. Seven-Eleven Kutchan Motomachi Shop (Convenience Store)

  2. Coop Kutchan Shop (Supermarket)

  3. Kutchan Station (Train/Bus Station)

  4. Hotel Daiichi Kaikan (Restaurant/Accommodation)

  5. Machino Eki, PLATTO (Shopping)

  6. Dining Bar Kimura (Restaurant)

  7. Lucky Kutchan Store (Supermarket)

  8. Max Valu Kutchan Store (Supermarket)

  9. DCM Homac Kutchan Store (Supermarket)

girl woman get her supply inside a supermarcket in Japan
Grab Your Supplies in Kutchan and Head Back to the Slop! ​​


Hirafu area: 
  1. Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant (Restaurant)

  2. CROSS ROAD NISEKO (Shopping)

  3. Midtown Niseko (Accommodation)

  4. Ramat Niseko (Accommodation)

  5. Izumikyo Management Center (Restaurant/Accommodation)

  6. NAC Niseko Adventure Centre (Restaurant)

  7. Shiki niseko (Restaurant/Accommodation) 

  8. The Red Ski House (Accommodation)

  9. Sun Sports Land Kutchan (Others)

  10. La villa LUPICIA (Restaurant)

woman sitting along in an outdoor onsenjapanese spring pouring water to her body
Before Heading Back to Your Accommodation, Enjoy an Outdoor Onsen​​​​​​


Download the complete guide for KAI-BUS HERE.

We are doing our best to keep your holiday in Niseko hassle-free and fun! More convenient services like this are coming soon, so please stay tuned!