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Where is Niseko?

Niseko is located on the northern island of Japan – Hokkaido.
The closest airport is the Sapporo Chitose Airport (CTS). If you want to go to Niseko, you need to go through the CTS airport.
It is a 2 hour flight from Tokyo, a 4 hour flight from Shanghai, a 5 hour flight from Hong Kong, and a 12 hour flight from Singapore via Tokyo.

When is the best time to come to Niseko?

Anytime is a great time to visit us in Niseko, except for probably November.
If you are looking for fresh track and world-class powder, travel to Niseko and enjoy the powder snow from the middle of December through to the end February.
March is also a great time to come as the resort is quiet, accommodation is cheaper, and you tend to have lots of sunny days! This time of a year, we can especially recommend for families as usually the weather is warmer and you can enjoy longer days and shoulder season discounts.
April is a great time to enjoy spring skiing with warmer weather conditions.
The lifts are open until the first week of May and the rivers are starting to boom and is a great time to enjoy rafting due to the melt of the snow.
Summer is great as well with great good scenes, lots of activities, hiking, cycling, golfing and many more.
If you come around September and October, you can enjoy the Autumn of Niseko. A great time to visit the hidden lakes and trekking passes around the mountain.

How far is Sapporo Chitose airport from Niseko?

The transfer from Sapporo Chitose airport to Niseko takes between 2 to 2.5 hours for a private taxi, 3 hours for scheduled coached transfers, or 3.5 hours on the train.
The train terminates at the Kutchan station, which is a 20 min bus or taxi ride from Niseko.
The duration of your journey will depend on weather and street condition.

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Do I need to pre book airport transfers?

You will need to pre book all transfer options at least 14days prior to arrival.
It is recommended to reserve your airport transfer as soon as you have finalized your flights.
We can help arranging the best suited airport coaches for you.
To be able to arrange your transfers we require your flight details including your flight number.
If your group include members arriving on different flights, we will require their flight details accordingly.

To check prices for scheduled coached transfers click here.
To check prices for private transfers click here.

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What time does the last scheduled coach transfers leave the Sapporo Chitose airport?

The last scheduled transfer will depart the Sapporo New Chitose Airport at 22:40PM.
Arrival at Niseko Resort at 01:25AM
(Arrival Bus Stop: “The Welcome Center” also known as “Hirafu Parking Number 1″)

How much time is required after flight arrival at the CTS Airport before I can connect to the scheduled transfers?

Domestic Flights require a minimum of 50 minutes to catch your Scheduled Transfer.
International Flights require a minimum of 90 minutes to catch your Scheduled Transfer – due to luggage collection and custom clearance.

How much time before my flight takes off, should I leave Niseko?

You will require 2~3 hours from Niseko to the Chitose Airport. This will depend on weather and street conditions.
We advise you to leave at least 4.5 hours before your take-off time for international flights and 3.5 hours for a moestic flight.
There are plenty of shopping opportunities (even an onsen) and many kids attractions in the airport so do not hesitate to arrive on the safe side, especially considering winter driving conditions.
It is recommended to leave earlier than usual during Peak Periods over Christmas and Chinese New Year.

What time does the first scheduled transfer leave the resort?

The first scheduled transfer will depart the Niseko Resort at 04:15AM.
Arrival at Sapporo New Chitose Airport:
07:00AM (Domestic Terminal)
07:10AM (International Terminal)

How far is Sapporo city from Niseko?

Sapporo city is 2.5 hours by private taxi and scheduled coach transfers or 3 hours on the train.
This will depend on weather and street condition.

Can you arrange scheduled coached transfers from/to my hotel in Sapporo City?

Yes, we can book scheduled coached transfers from the Sapporo City to Niseko through NPC (Niseko Powder Connections).
You will be notified with our final pre arrival document where to meet your transfer, as it will depend which hotel you are staying in at Sapporo City.
It may be direct from/to the hotel or a nearby hotel, which are generally within a 5min walk from most hotels in the Sapporo City area.

How do I get to Niseko by train?

If you wish to catch the train from Sapporo Chitose airport to Niseko you will need to catch a train to the Kutchan station changing at Otaru.
Kutchan is the nearest station, which is a 20 min bus or taxi ride from the resort.
Our best recommended arrival station is the “Kutchan train station”.
In front of Kutchan station there is a taxi rank. Please take a taxi to the “Niseko Landmark View” first to Check In (if not advised any different), after which our staff will take you to your accommodation.

The nearest location for GPS is the Lawson convenience store 0136-23-1230. From Lawson turn off 343 and head towards the Hirafu Gondola and the Niseko Landmark View is the big white building on your right hand side.

Niseko Landmark View Address:

  • (English):
    181-4 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-Cho, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido 044-0081 Japan Phone Number: +81(0)136 21 6466

  • (Japanese):
    044-0081 北海道虻田郡倶知安町字山田181-4 電話番号:0136 21 6466
  • Where and what time do I check In and Out?

    Check In 15:00PM.
    Check Out 10:00AM.
    For guests arriving, departing outside of those hours, please let us know and we can store your luggage accordingly.

    You will be advised on your Check In location with our final pre arrival documentation.
    Please let us know your estimated arrival and departure time if you make your own arrival and departure arrangements.
    We will be open for late arrivals or early departures, when arrival/departure details are provided in advance.

    If you are arriving via your own car or rental car, set your car navigation with our phone number below and the navigation will locate your destination to Check In.

    We do have 3 Check In/Out locations, depending on where you are staying.

  • Check In at Landmark View:
  • The nearest location for GPS is the Lawson convenience store 0136-23-1230. From Lawson turn off 343 and head towards the Hirafu Gondola and the Niseko Landmark View is the big white building on your right hand side.

  • Check In at Gondola Chalet:
  • The nearest location for GPS is the Lawson convenience store 0136-23-1230. From Lawson turn off 343 and head towards the Hirafu Gondola and the Gondola Chalets is the large dark blue building on your right hand side near the Gondola.

  • Check In at Loft Niseko:
  • The location for GPS is 0136-55-8843. Address: 169-26 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido

    I would like to send my luggage in advance, where shall I send it to?

    When sending your luggage, please note to enter the name of the primary guest, who is booked with us and your booking number. This is essential so that we can pre arrange your luggage to be delivered to your accommodation.

    Send your luggage to the following address:
    Primary Guests Name:
    Booking Number:
    Niseko Management Service (NMS)
    181-4 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-Cho, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido 044-0081 Japan
    Phone Number: +81(0)136 21 6466

    Can I ship my luggage back from Niseko to an airport in Japan?

    Yes you can and we can help, however please note that sending luggage can take about 2-3 days, especially, if you are flying out of Tokyo Narita or Haneda airports.
    If you wish to ski on your last day, it might not fit to your requirements.
    Once you have arrived in Niseko, we can help with these arrangements on a pay on arrival basis.

    I am arriving late at night, can you do the first shop for me?

    Yes, we can do the first shop for you, which will be prepared in your accommodation before your arrival.
    To check pricing and items available in our grocery packs, please click here.

    Do I need to pre book ski rentals?

    We recommend pre booking ski equipment during the peak season (20th of December through to the 1st of March), or if you have unusual requirements so you are guaranteed availability.

    If you are interested to book your rentals, we require the following information from you:

    Full Name:
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (kg)
    Shoe Size (cm)
    Ability of Ski/SB: (e.g. first timer)

    To check pricing on our rentals, click here.

    Where and when can I pick up my ski rental equipment?

    The pick up location of your gear will depend on your accommodation location or the location you requested to pick up your gear from.
    For guests who have booked their rental equipment through NPC (Niseko Powder Connections) you will be notified with our final pre arrival document.

    We have three Pick Up Locations in Niseko:

  • Hanazono 308
  • Hirafu Zaka
  • Family Pair Lift
  • You can pick up your gear the day before use, after 16:00PM and before 20:00PM.

    Do I need to pre book ski passes?

    It is recommended to pre book and we have these ready for you at check in.
    For guests staying with NPC (Niseko Powder Connections) we can arrange packaged discounted lift passes if booked in advance.
    To check pricing for lift passes, click here.

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    Where do I pick up and return my lift passes?

    For guests who have booked their Lift passes through NPC (Niseko Powder Connections) you will receive your lift passes conveniently upon Check In.
    You can return your lift passes to the ticket vending machines, located at base of all the major chairlifts and you will receive back your 1,000JPY deposit.

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    What do I need to know before renting a car?

    Please ensure you have a valid international drivers licence recognized by the Geneva Convention of 1949 in addition to your home-country drivers licence.

    Please note international licenses for the following countries are not valid in Japan:

  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Taiwan

  • For these six countries you can use your home-country license but it must be accompanied by a Japanese translation issued by the appropriate authority. Without this translation you cannot lease a vehicle.

    Please note we cannot lease a vehicle and the rental car will not be refunded if the above conditions are not presented.
    For more information click here.

  • Please note that Japan has a zero blood alcohol level.
  • Children 6 years old and under must be seated in appropriate child safety seat.
  • If you book your car with us, we provide 4WD cars, including winter tyres, English navigation and snow clearing tools. Snow-chains are not allowed and necessary in Niseko.
  • One roof rack fits either 4 Skis or 2 Skis and 2 Snowboards.
  • The roads in Niseko are snow cleared very well on a regular basis however parking spots are limited and are served on a first come first serve basis.
  • There is public parking available, but this continues to drop each season.
  • The cars must be returned with a full tank. If you cannot return the car with a full tank, a fuel charge will apply.
  • The rental car periods are counted on a 24 hour basis.

  • We can arrange your rental car if you let us know your arrival/departure flight details including flight number and times.

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    Where can I pick up, drop off my Rental Car?

    You can pick up and drop off your car at the Sapporo Chitose airport or in Hirafu if agreed in advance.
    Pick up destinations and Drop off destinations are to be advised accordingly.
    If you are looking to pick up and drop off your car at the Sapporo Chitose Airport, please note that the Rental Car companies usually have their office hours between 8AM and 8PM.

    Is there an international ATM in Niseko?

    Japan is still a very cash based society.
    More and more restaurants are starting to accept credit cards, but it is recommended to have cash with you especially for late arrivals and when skiing.
    Please also note that there are limited options to withdraw money or to proceed with currency exchanges in the village.
    Currently there is only 1 ATM accepting foreign bank/credit cards for cash withdrawals.
    Banks are closed in Japan on the weekends and Japanese public holidays such as New Years.

    Can I use a credit card in Niseko?

    Japan is still largely a cash based society and it is recommended you always have cash on you.
    However in the Niseko area more and more restaurants are now accepting credit card payments.

    Are there any Japanese customs I should be aware of before arriving in Japan?

  • Before entering your accommodation, you will be required to take off your shoes and to change to slippers provided. Please refrain from walking in any accommodations with your shoes on. This also includes ski boots, snowboard boots, shoes with spikes, etc.

  • Alcohol is only served to 20 year olds or above.

  • Japan has a zero blood alcohol level for driving.

  • Onsens are public baths that have rules. You first wash yourself before entering the bath and you do not wear swim suits in the onsen. Some onsens, if mixed provide bathing suits for male and female guests.

  • Eating and smoking on the street, leaving cigarette butts and rubbish on the street is ill-mannered. Please refrain from doing so and carry a portable ashtray with you, which can be bought at any convenience store or 100 Yen store in Japan.
  • Is there a supermarket in Niseko?

    Yes, we do have 2 supermarkets in Hirafu.
    One is located in the Shiki Niseko building, which is conveniently located on route 343 in the middle of Hirafu.
    One is also located in the Hirafu188 building on the Hirafu-zaka street.
    Besides these 2 supermarkets, there are two convenient stores, with one open 24 hours.

    Do you have western beds?

    All our properties have western styled beds. Ginsetsu has two tatami bedrooms whilst Suiboku has one tatami bedroom in all lofts except the 2 bedroom lofts. Most of the western styled bedrooms can be configured as either a double or twin beds. Some properties have bedrooms with double beds only.

    Can I eat western food in Japan?

    There are many western dining options in the bigger cities of Japan.
    You will be surprised with some of the Japanese food as it is very similar to western food!
    In Niseko there is a good mix of international dining options.

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